Why OREO? Why Russian market?

OREO is said to be the world's favorite cookies. In March 2012 the brand celebrated the 100th anniversary, which is a great sign of brand sustainability and rich brand heritage.

Why would we like to introduce OREO to Russian market?

Oreo is a world-known sandwich cookie formed from two appetizing chocolate disks with a sweet cream filling in between. Since its introduction in 1912 Oreo has become the best selling cookie in the United States. Today it is more than just an American brand. Oreo is present in more than 100 countries, gloried as the world's favorite cookie and the best-selling cookie brand of the 21st century, with $1.5 billion in global annual revenues. Kraft Foods is the proud custodian of Oreo, and Oreo is one of the company‟s 12 “billion-dollar” brands. Due to its already implemented internationalization, Oreo’s largest markets comprise not only the US, but also China, Venezuela, Canada, etc. Thanks to nearly sky-high opportunities, offered today by emerging markets, Oreo is booming in Chile, China, Indonesia and many other developing economies.

However, Oreo is still not present in the huge emerging market of Russia. Recent researches indicate, that due to rising incomes, increasing pace of life and evolving interest towards branded products, Russian market for biscuits and its chocolate coated segment (that is perceived as premium) in particular will post fastest retail value growth in 2013 of 14%. 

So the internationalization of Oreo, this powerfully branded premium cookie, into the Russian market seems very tempting to us. In our project we are going to analyze the Russian market for biscuits in greater detail and based on this knowledge (in case we conclude that conditions for the entry are favourable indeed) elaborate implications for finally bringing this beloved mouth-watering cookie to Russian consumers.


  1. I saw that Oreo is presented in Bulgaria. Although I do not know a lot about the economics of this country, it seems to me, that the market overthere is less perspective in comparison to the Russian one. The question is why Oreo is presented in Bulgaria, and not presented in Russia yet? May be there are some particular reasons.

  2. It is difficult for us to provide a certain answer to your question, but it is probably easier to import Oreo to Bulgaria that to Russia as they are a part of EU and the "inner market".